About Pocklington Law Offices

Pocklington Law Offices opened in 2010 with a focus on civil disputes and family law in Walnut Creek, CA. The firm services the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Philosophy:

To help you understand complex legal concepts and fully grasp all the facets of your particular case before taking it to court.

We know that many times a client comes to a law office emotional and wanting to correct the “wrong” they are feeling. However, we feel it is our job to help you, as our client, to take a step back to fully see their case and what it entails.

As our client, we will be sure you see the potential solutions available to you to keep you out of the courtroom. And if those fail, we are ready to give your case high-quality representation in court, giving you the best chance for a positive outcome.

When it comes to criminal law, our ultimate goal is to protect you and your rights, while again making sure you fully understand your charges, your choices, and the entire legal process, so there are no surprises.

The Pocklington Law Offices Team

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