A Property Owners Liability: Injuries on the Property and What Needs to be Proven

Have you ever been injured while on a public or private property? If so, you may find the following information valuable in determining your legal rights against the owner of the property where you were injured.  As with all of our blog postings, the following information is only intended to provide general information and is […]

I’m not married, but living with my partner. Do I have property rights?

In California, the division and distribution of property after divorce and death are governed by community property laws.  However, law has developed surrounding the application of the same laws and principles where the couple is not married. Due to the growing trend of couples living together while not married, the courts have created an approach […]

Do You Have An Interest In Your Spouse’s Business?

One important issue that often comes up in divorce concerns is whether the community has an interest in a spouse’s separate property business.  Before I provide an explanation, it’s important to understand the laws of community property in California. General California Community Property Law California is a community property state.  This means that all property […]

Types of Child Custody Agreements

Child custody battles are one of the most sensitive legal processes that parents go through. The main goal of custody litigation is to see to it that the best interests of your child or children are served. The parental preference rule is the most common practice among most states. If both you and your spouse […]

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