Child Custody Lawyer

Any decision you have to make surrounding your child can be scary, confusing, and stressful. There can be many reasons why you would need a child custody attorney to help fight for your right to be with the child or children in your life – divorce, paternity rights, drug or alcohol abuse, and even jail time. Emotions run high at a time like this and you can rest assured that the child custody lawyers at the Pocklington Law Offices have the compassion and expertise to help you through this difficult time.

As with any of our practice areas, our child custody attorneys will always take the time to fully explain the process, including what your rights are and what options you may have. For instance, they will walk you through the process of explaining just what child custody is and who is eligible to be granted custody. We will also provide you with a child custody lawyer that can explain to you the different types of child custody – joint custody, physical custody, sole custody – and make sure you fully understand what each one means and what it entails.

Child Custody Lawyer in Walnut Creek

Child custody lawyers from the Pocklington Law Offices have the experience to answer the many questions you may have surrounding child custody, such as:

  • Is the mother or father of a child more likely to be awarded custody by a judge?
  • What are the main factors that a court or judge will look at when deciding who would receive custody of a child?
  • Could my health have an impact on who receives custody?
  • What special circumstances do LGBT individuals or couples need to be aware of when it comes to child custody?
  • How is visitation arranged?

Your child custody attorney will also have in depth knowledge of state custody laws in California, and what types of relocation laws may be in play if you need to move or take a child you have been given custody out of state. Your child custody lawyer will also give you all the information you need in case you run into any custody problems, and will make sure you have resources available to you for future use.

Any legal battles centered around families, and especially children, can be one of the most trying experiences you will ever experience. With the Pocklington Law Offices you can rest assured, knowing you have a qualified child custody attorney on your side that will help you through the process.

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