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When a happy couple recites their marriage vows they plan to be together forever, sadly it does not always end up that way. Sometimes a person’s feelings change towards their partner or they realize what they want in life no longer matches. Or sometimes it’s for an even more unpleasant reason, such as infidelity or financial issues. The divorce rate in California is increasing, and so is the time it takes to finalize the whole process. In California, a divorcing couple has to wait a full six months for their divorce to finalize according to state law. There are potential ways to speed up the process, but this waiting period can be frustrating for those that want to end their marriage and move on with their lives.

Divorce Attorney Walnut CreekThis is where a knowledgeable divorce lawyer like those at Pocklington Law Offices comes in to play. Handling divorce cases is our specialty. We have experience in all facets of family law, including alimony, palimony and spousal support, child support and custody and division of property. We can also help you through an annulment. And we have experience with LGBT rights in divorce.

In addition, the divorce attorneys of Pocklington Law Offices live and work in California. We know California law and can help you understand the process and how it can best work for you. As your divorce attorney, it is important to us that we properly convey the legal process to you so there are no surprises, and hopefully make what can be a very traumatic time just a little bit easier. We fully understand the social and emotional ramifications of such a drastic life change, and the impact on you, the client. A divorce can be very traumatic for a family, and many times a great deal of emotions are involved. Our divorce attorneys will be there to guide you, and help take the emotions out of the process when it comes to negotiations and settlements.

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