Walnut Creek School Districts

Walnut Creek School District

Walnut Creek is served by 5 different school districts. K-8 students are served by the Walnut Creek School District and the Lafayette School District, and the Mount Diablo Unified School District provides K-12 education for most residents who are outside of the city center.

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District also offers K-12 education, and the Acalanes Union High School District provides a grade 9-12 education for residents.

There are also quite a few private schools in Walnut Creek, including Berean Christian High School, Garden Gate Montessori, and many others.

Walnut Creek School District

The Walnut Creek School District serves approximately 3,600 students within Walnut Creek. Students attend 5 different K-5 neighborhood elementary schools, as well as one K-8 school, and a 6-8 grade intermediate school.

Acalanes Union High School District

The Acalanes Union High School District serves the majority of grade 9-12 high school students in Walnut Creek and surrounding cities. In Walnut Hills, students primarily attend Las Lomas High School, though Acalanes High School is also an option.

Other schooling provided by the district include the #1 rated Acalanes Center for Independent Study, an alternative school, and the Acalanes Adult Education center.

Lafayette School District

Students in the outlying city of Lafayette usually attend 1 of 4 elementary schools provided by the Lafayette school district, which also includes Stanley Middle School, an intermediate grade 6-8 schooling institution.

Mount Diablo Unified School District

The Mount Diablo Unified School District includes over 29 public elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 5 high schools. The district covers over 150 square miles, including portions of northern Walnut Creek. For a full list of elementary schools located within this school district, and the areas it serves in Walnut Creek, refer to the school district’s website.

San Ramon Valley Unified School District

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District serves 32,000 students, including some students who are located in Southern areas of Walnut Creek.

Quality Of Education In Walnut Creek
Regardless of the school district you reside in, the quality of education in Walnut Creek is top-notch, both in private and public schools. According to Town Charts, Walnut Creek schools have a 97% or higher high school graduation rate, compared to the California-wide graduation rate of 82%, and an 87% graduation rate in the rest of the US.

The vast majority of students in Walnut Creek are in the public school system, which is well-funded, and very effective. Around 81% of Walnut Creek residents are in public schools, placing the city at #2 for percentage of students enrolled in public schooling, behind only the San Miguel-Contra Costa County school district.

Walnut Creek – The Best Public Schools In The Bay Area!

With well-funded, professionally-run public school districts, as well as dozens of private and charter schools, Walnut Creek is one of the best places for your children to get an education.
So take a look at the above school districts to learn more about schooling in Walnut Creek, and learn why Walnut Creek is such a great place to raise a family!

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