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The Dangers of Self-Representation In a Personal Injury Case

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Deciding whether to hire an attorney is an important decision in every personal injury case. In most cases, the benefit of counsel outweighs the cost.

One of the most important pieces of advice given to a client at the onset of a case is the deadline to file a lawsuit. There are a number of deadlines that, if missed, can bar recovery. Only an attorney can give legal advice on these critical deadlines. Until our office has a chance to discuss your case with you, we are unable to offer an opinion on when the statute of limitations expires.

Another danger of self-representation is overall unfamiliarity with the process. With years of training and experience, we are familiar with navigating the legal system. Many self-represented plaintiffs become victim to an aggressive defense attorney. Let us handle the litigation process and you focus on your recovery. Our staff will make your experience through litigation as painless as possible.

When it comes time for settlement discussions, having an attorney is critical. Having just experienced a very traumatic and emotionally challenging event, an injured plaintiff does not always have the best judgment and perspective on what the law entitles them to recover. We have access to legal resources, journals, and jury verdicts that assist in our evaluation of the value of each case we take on. We will evaluate all the facts and allow our client to make a well-informed decision for settlement.

It is no secret that many legal cases are lengthy and costly. Most cases that enter litigation can take years to resolve. Our office advances the reasonable costs required to litigate the case. This includes experts, investigators, and court costs. Our office also takes no payment on injury matters until the case is resolved.

Anytime you are faced with serious injury, consider whether you are best served by having an attorney represent you through the process. If you wish for our office to consider taking your case or to offer legal advice, please contact our office to schedule an appointment by calling (925) 295-7348.

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